South East Queensland Commercial and Residential Electricians and Solar Installations

Quality Assured Electrician

Quality Assured Electrician

A&K Lievesley Electrical and Solar are committed to safety, health and environmental management systems and are triple certified with all required standards

We strive for 100% safely completed projects in the most productive and efficient manner that takes into consideration safe work practices and safety awareness.

Our staff are hand selected for their professionalism, knowledge and diversified skills. After being subjected to a rigorous induction period and undergoing a police check, we are confident that our team members will maintain our high standards and work ethic.

Quality Assured ISO 9001 Electrician
Health Safety Certified AS4801 Electrician
Environment Certified ISO14001 Electricians

What is ISO Certification?

ISO Certification is a seal of approval from a 3rd party body that a company runs to one of the internationally recognised ISO management systems. The certification can be used to tender for business as a proof of a company’s credibility but also to install confidence in the potential client that you will keep your promises.

Why would I want an Electrician who is ISO Certified?

ISO certification is a statement to your stakeholders, employees and senior management that the business wishes to operate to a set framework in order to achieve its company objectives. Be this customer satisfaction objectives, production objectives or environmental objectives etc. By setting yourselves the task of maintaining an external certification you are proving the company’s commitment to these objectives as well as increasing the credibility and customer confidence in the brand / service or product. For example by running a quality management system, a company can stay in control of its processes and procedures, ensure if anything does go wrong it is rectified quickly, efficiently and to the satisfaction of the customer. It can also ensure a smooth line of communication between employees, suppliers and customers at all times.

Many public and private sector tenders request ISO certification as either a pre-requisite to moving to the next stage or as a filter to remove companies from the tender process. By achieving the ISO certification that your customers give weight to, ensures that you are on a ‘level playing field’ with your potential competitors and improves your chances of successfully tendering. Many companies we work with report a major internal efficiency improvement which allows them to achieve greater results both in a sales and operational capacity.


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